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Great Results

Sushi Ichi was one of the classic lunch spots for our crews. After countless dynamite rolls, one of my painters thanked the head chef (Nobu) on our way out, and Nobu graciously thanked him! The exterior of his restaurant was in pretty poor conditions, so I decided to pitch the idea of a complimentary quote. This is when I found out that Student Works Painting had painted his startup business 15 years prior! He was delighted to receive a

quote, and we moved forward with painting the following month!

This Project Required: 

  • Extensive Exterior Cleaning

  • Extensive Scraping/Sanding

  • Removing/Replacing Old Fascia

  • Spraying 2 coats of siding paint

  • Brushed/Rolled 2 coats of paint on trim + posts/beams

Total Days on Site : 4

Price: $4131

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