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What kind of coverage do you have?

We pride ourselves in boasting $5M Liability insurance as well as full WCB coverage to ensure the financial security of you and your family.

How do I find out a price?

Short answer: Contact us.
With Light It Up we offer a comprehensive estimate form which will go over EVERYTHING that you need to know about working with us, including multiple price point options when neccesary.

How do you conduct training for new painters?

Each painter will work with our Crew Chief, Ken which will follow a comprehensive training curriculum. From there, they will work directly with an experienced lead hand, who will shape them into a leader in our company.

Do you have references?

YES, yes 1000x yes. Our clients love and appreciate the work and care that we take in their individual project. There's a sample of our references under the testimonials tab on this website. We also have hundreds of other before/after's that are available upon request.

What kind of Warranty is involved for my paint job?

Our warranty is GUARANTEED for 3 years on the Paint & Labor, and all lights are replaced free of charge. Unfortunately we do not offer warranty on anything directly sunk into the ground such as Fences & Decks as there are variables that even the best paint job cant fix!

How can you guarantee that the project will be completed within the timeline anticipated?

The very first thing that you will notice while going through our estimation process is that I am VERY thorough with my inspection and measurements. I do this so we can put together a realistic timeline for the client. Any hours that are beyond the quotes price/hours will be entirely covered by us as the contractor. There will be NO re-negotiation on our part if there is more work than is estimated.

What are your waiting times like?

We understand the difficulty of wait times, especially right now with the booming Construction industry. That's why we do our BEST to not book ourselves more than 1 month out. The smaller the job, the more likely we can fit it into our current schedule.

What payment methods do you accept?

Cheque is always preferred as it incurs the least amount of claw-back from creditors. Other options are available, please ask.

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